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New PowerShell cmdlets – All change

Some good news. Some bad news.

Good news first – some great new cmdlets, including enable \ disable scomrule and scomonitor. And a real biggie, export-scomeffectivemonitoringconfiguration.

Bad news .. all the scripts have changed. They now have a ‘SCOM’ prefix in the name and the parameters have changed. NewMaintenanceWindow becomse Set-SCOMMaintenanceMode and the parameters have changed.

To bring a hint of good news to proceedings. The SCOM 2007 cmdlets still seem to work. They may well now be classed as deprecated as could well disappear in future versions but at least it looks like we’ll get some extra time to do all the conversions.


Add-SCOMAgentlessManagedComputer Approve-SCOMPendingManagement Deny-SCOMPendingManagement Disable-SCOMAgentProxy Disable-SCOMDiscovery Disable-SCOMMonitor – example Disable-SCOMNotificationSubscription Disable-SCOMRule – example Enable-SCOMAgentProxy Enable-SCOMDiscovery Enable-SCOMMonitor – example Enable-SCOMNotificationSubscription Enable-SCOMRule – example Export-SCManagementPack Export-SCOMEffectiveMonitoringConfiguration – example Export-SCOMManagementPack Get-SCClass Get-SCDiscovery Get-SCManagementGroupConnection Get-SCManagementPack Get-SCOMAccessLicense Get-SCOMAgent Get-SCOMAgentlessManagedComputer Get-SCOMAgentManagementServerSetting Get-SCOMAlert Get-SCOMAlertHistory Get-SCOMClass Get-SCOMClassInstance Get-SCOMCommand Get-SCOMConnector Get-SCOMDiagnostic Get-SCOMDiscovery Get-SCOMEvent Get-SCOMGatewayManagementServer Get-SCOMGroup Get-SCOMMaintenanceMode Get-SCOMManagementGroupConnection Get-SCOMManagementPack Get-SCOMManagementServer Get-SCOMMonitor Get-SCOMNotificationAction Get-SCOMNotificationEndpoint Get-SCOMNotificationRecipient Get-SCOMNotificationSubscription Get-SCOMOverride Get-SCOMOverrideResult Get-SCOMPendingManagement Get-SCOMRecovery Get-SCOMRelationship Get-SCOMRelationshipInstance Get-SCOMResourcePool Get-SCOMRMSEmulator Get-SCOMRule Get-SCOMRunAsAccount Get-SCOMRunAsProfile Get-SCOMTask Get-SCOMTaskResult Get-SCOMUserRole Get-SCRelationship Get-SCRelationshipInstance Import-SCManagementPack Import-SCOMManagementPack Install-SCOMAgent New-SCManagementGroupConnection New-SCOMManagementGroupConnection New-SCOMResourcePool Remove-SCManagementGroupConnection Remove-SCManagementPack Remove-SCOMAgentlessManagedComputer Remove-SCOMDisabledClassInstance Remove-SCOMManagementGroupConnection Remove-SCOMManagementPack Remove-SCOMResourcePool Remove-SCOMRMSEmulator Set-SCManagementGroupConnection Set-SCOMAgentlessManagedComputer Set-SCOMAgentManagementServerSetting Set-SCOMAlert Set-SCOMMaintenanceMode Set-SCOMManagementGroupConnection Set-SCOMResourcePool Set-SCOMRMSEmulator Set-SCOMRunAsProfile Set-SCOMUserRole Start-SCOMMaintenanceMode Start-SCOMTask Uninstall-SCOMAgent

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