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The Root Management Server is no more …

But the Root Management Server role remains! In SCOM 2012, all Management Servers are created almost equal, similar to the move from NT4 domains to Windows 2000 Forests. But as with that move, we had a PDC emulator. In SCOM 2012 we have an RMS emulator that enables legacy management packs which rely on the RMS to continue to function in SCOM 2012. This role can be moved \ managed using PowerShell – there are new PowerShell cmdlets for this:

  • set-scomrmsemulator
  • get-scomrmsemulator

You can see which Management Server holds the RMS Emulator role in the Windows Computer State View (as well as in the Management Server state view under Operations Manager)

RMS Emulator Role

RMS Emulator Role

You can confirm this using the new PowerShell cmdlet, Get-SCOMRMSEmulator

Get RMS Emulator


To move the RMS Emulator role, you need to use the Set-SCOMRMSEmulator

Get-SCOMManagementServer –Name <New RMS Emulator> | Set-SCOMRMSEmulator



You can then see the Windows State View update

Confirm RMS Emulator Move

Confirm RMS Emulator Move

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